More Ways to Indulge in Pumpkin

Fall is here, which means, Pumpkin Spice Lattes are back. (Hooray!) These seem to be a hit or miss for people but for those who are loving the PSL, why not try indulging in some other pumpkin based recipes? And for those that aren’t particularly fond of the PSL (or pumpkins), live on the edge and try some of these recipes still. Indulge in pumpkin, you might surprise yourself and actually like it!

Pumpkin Soup

More ways to indulge in pumpkin

Making homemade soup is a bit annoying, especially when you have to puree it but it’s worth it, really. Personally I could eat this hot or cold but it’s recommended to be served hot. Perfect for those chilly autumn nights.

Pumpkin Seeds

More ways to indulge in pumpkin

Make use of every inch of your pumpkin. Scrape out the seeds for a yummy snack. You could even sprinkle these on salads to add an extra crunch. Check out a recipe with pepitas.

Pumpkin Flan

More ways to indulge in pumpkin

Instead of traditional pumpkin pies, opt for a flan. It is a little tricky to master the flip but it’s not completely terrible. It will still taste good if it doesn’t turn out, it just won’t be Instagram worthy.

Rice Pudding “with” Pumpkin

More ways to indulge in pumpkin

Okay this one is sort of cheating because you could opt to leave the pumpkin out of the rice pudding and just serve it beside or in a pumpkin and still call it pumpkin rice pudding (just kidding…not really).

Pumpkin Stuffed with Yummyness

More ways to indulge in pumpkin

Bacon, cheese, and bread…served in a cute pumpkin. Need I say more?!

Roasted Pumpkin

More ways to indulge in pumpkin

Just like roasted sweet potatoes, you can roast pumpkins and eat as a side dish. Make sure to use sugar pumpkins because they’re sweeter and have a tender flesh that’s great for cooking.

Pumpkin Banana Milkshake

More ways to indulge in pumpkin

If you’re still not convinced with pumpkin, please please pleaseĀ give this milkshake a try before making your verdict. I might even like it better than the PSL. (Gasp, I know right?) And for all the PSL lovers, let me know if this trumps it for you as well.

If you’re an avid pumpkin lover and your taste buds are not yet satisfied, checkout Buzzfeeds post on 101 pumpkin recipes from drinks to desserts. One word for you, drool-worthy.

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