Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, which means that you’re probably perusing the interwebs looking for cute date/outfit/nail/hair/DIY ideas to help you celebrate the day at it’s finest. Well look no further! Inspired by XiaXue’s newest Instagram post, we have the ultimate Valentine’s Day hair tutorial that will help you master the art of the Sweet Heart look, and the best part is that it’s not even crazily difficult to accomplish.

“Sweeten up your Valentines with more than just chocolate~”

This hairstyle is literally for beginners, but it looks like it was done by a pro. You might need a friend to help you with the back though. Plus, the purple is definitely a nice touch if you want to get more out of your heart!

The Valentine Hairdo Tutorial

What you’ll need:

  • 2 small hair elastics

The instructions:

  1. Begin with curly/wavy hair and brush it all to the back.
    To achieve the sweetest look, begin with curly/wavy hair to give your hair some bounce.
  2. Gather a section from either side of your head (near your temples).
    Take a small section of hair from either side of your head and bring it to the back.
  3. Tie the 2 sections together, leaving some space in between.
    Loosely tie the 2 sections of hair together so that there’s still some space separating the two of them. You don’t want to achieve the half-pulled up hair pony tail.
  4. Grab another section from one side of your head and slip it underneath the section you just tied off and pull through.
    From one side of your head, grab a section of hair closer to your ear. You’re going to now want to slip your hand underneath the sections of hair that you just tied off and pull the new section from underneath and through the split.
  5. Grab a section from the other side of your head. Repeat the process and grab a section of hair from the other side of your head. Make sure that the section is closer to the ear and below your temple.
  6. Slip the hair under the tied off portion and pull it through. Repeat the same step as you did in #4 and pull the hair through the split.
  7. Curve one section of hair to create half of a heart.
    Form one half of a heart with one of the sections of hair.
  8. Pin it down so that it lays flat.
    The section of hair may not necessarily lay down flat in the direction that you want it to, so sneakily pop in a bobby pin to keep it in place.
  9. Repeat the process with the other section of hair.
    Form a heart with the other section of hair and pin it down as well.
  10. Tie the 2 ends of the heart together with the ponytail you already made.
    Secure the 2 ends of the heart together to the small ponytail you made earlier.
  11. Et voila!
    You’re done the Sweet Heart Valentine’s Day hairdo and ready to go on your date!

Are you willing to pull off this look for Valentine’s Day?

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