Swimsuits for Your Body Type

Swimsuits for Your Body Type

Summer means beaches, beaches mean swimsuits, and swimsuits can mean a lot of stress for some of us. We believe that every woman has the right to feel confident at the beach, and sometimes we just need a few tips to help boost our self-esteem. Here are some tips to consider when shopping for the right swimsuits for your body type.


Petite girls often have few curves, straight lines, and a small chest. One way to go about it would be to choose a swimsuit that has a lot of texture on top, to create the illusion of a fuller chest like this frilly pom pom one from ASOS. You can also choose to enhance your girls by going with a good push up bikini. Check out this detailed razor back one from Voda, who have gotten rave reviews about their push up bikinis. For girls who love to embrace their small chest, you can rock an itty bitty bikini that girls with bigger breasts might have trouble with. Try this cute tied front bandeau top from ASOS.
Swimsuits for Your Body Type


If you have broad shoulders and a muscular shape, highlight your definition with some bold print. The lines on this bikini from ASOS will stand nicely against your strong body shape. With muscular definition, you can settle in an understated swimsuit to really show your body off. This retro-sporty bikini from ASOS won’t overshadow the body you worked so hard for! Being the athletic person you are, we’re sure you have an amazingly toned butt. In this case, be sure to show it off and get cheeky with this itsy bitsy bottom from Victoria’s Secret.
Swimsuits for Your Body Type


Curvy girls are all womanly curves from top to bottom, and basically shaped like hourglass. Color-blocking is a great trend to play on right now, and perfect for curvy girls as it defines your shape well. Try this retro color-block bikini from Saks Fifth Avenue. With all those womanly curves, you can have a lot of fun with different types of unique swimsuits. Varsity style is in right now, and this bikini from NastyGal is right up that alley. If you want to shape up your curves a bit more, you can go with this sexy one-piece from Victoria’s Secret. It holds your shape together while giving a modest, but sexy cleavage.
Swimsuits for Your Body Type

Top Heavy

If you’re stackin’ it on top, your main concern may be to just keep your girls in place when wearing a little swimsuit. This sexy halter bikini top from ASOS puts your boobs in the right place, with that extra support. Another one from ASOS has a thick underwire that give you that extra lift and support that you may need up top.  If you want to even out your bottom to balance your top, try a fun bikini bottom like this bow one from ASOS to bring more emphasis to your butt while giving the illusion of a more filled out bottom.
Swimsuits for Your Body Type

Bottom Heavy

If you’re bottom heavy, you’re in luck! High waist bottoms are in, and they’re perfect for your shape. Check out this super cute polka dot one from ASOS that gives a retro look. Keeping to the high waist look, you can go in skirt form with this sultry number from Victoria’s Secret. If you feel like you need to balance your top half to your bottom, go for a funky printed bustier top to bring more attention up there. Try this geo-print one from Macy’s.
Swimsuits for Your Body Type

No matter what you choose to wear to the beach, remember that confidence is the sexiest thing, and confidence suits every body type. Tell us:

What makes you confident on the beach?

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