With so many designers showing at WMCFW F/W 2015, we’re trying really hard not to overload you with so many at once. Why share all at once and be left with nothing if you can extend it right? We’re genuinely sad each season after fashion week is over, and what better way to extend it then to slowly share with you all of the lovely and talented individuals that we’ve met over that past week. We still have quite a handful to showcase, so sit tight, because you’re going to love the one that we have for you today!

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Sakina Jewelry’s F/W 2015 Collection

Reshma Lalany-Jetha, the designer of Sakina Jewelry, lovingly handcrafts all of the jewelry that she sells out of semi-precious and precious stones. Located in Toronto, Canada, she named her company after her Grandmother, who not only radiated confidence and energy, but love as well. In memory of her passing in 2012, Reshma has made it her mission that her designs continue to reflect her grandmother’s vibrant qualities so that her tradition lives on.

WMCFW F/W 2015: TFI Brunch – Sakina Jewelry

The fashion-inspired designs include women’s necklaces, bracelets and earrings. And for the modern man, unique beaded necklaces and bracelets; all of which are made with real stones that have been carefully hand-selected.

Mainly inspired by the beautiful destinations that she’s traveled to, Sakina’s jewelry constantly reflects the vibrant colors of places such as the busy Barcelona streets to the warm Hawaiian sunsets. For her fall collection, she focused on colors that complemented the season such as: red, black, gold, blue and other darker shades of color.

WMCFW F/W 2015: TFI Brunch – Sakina Jewelry

Do you indulge in some semi-precious and precious stones, or are you more of a metal accessorizer?


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